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Thu Jan 11 19:02:56 CET 2007

On 18:32:59 2007-01-11 Paul Jimenez <pj at> wrote:
> Offhand, any idea what the size of the first production run will be
> like? I'm really looking forward to the phone and want to make sure I
> can get one :)
>   --pj

I won't hold out for the first run unless it has WiFi or another way to
include it. Personaly I find WiFi more usefull than BT especialy since
I'm using phones more and more as PDA's in a way.

Also a live switch of the minisd card would be always nice to have or maybe
even include two slots? One internal and one external?

As for the UI I'll be happy if I'll be able to run something like fvwm with
a custom config on it or maybe e17 embeded if I feel more eyecandyish...

One more interesting question from me is what will be payment options.

I don't have a credit card nor a paypal account nor do I plan on getting
either and I don't use cheques of any kind. Will Pay on Delivery be
possible? or maybe a delivery to a local outlet.

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