kexec-arm.patch? Re: Question about kernel level hacking

Robert Michel mail at
Fri Jan 12 18:31:28 CET 2007

Salve Alessandro!

On Fri, 12 Jan 2007, Alessandro Iurlano wrote:
> As I am mainly a low level programmer I will probably try to put my hands on
> the Neo at kernel level like customizing
> the linux kernel with patches or even try to program the Neo with my own
> kernel.

> I think that the openess of the platform will allow me that. Is it right?
> Is there a way to recover a mistake at this level (that is, the boot loader
> doesn't work any more)?
Do you know the kexec kernel patch?

Only the first booted kernel need this patch and
can load any other kernel into the RAM and switch
to the second without reboot. *G*

Maybe not the best links - just some quick found links

I haven't played a litte bit on a my laptop once but tommorow I will 
got a NSLU2 because it is ARM powered like the Neo and some ideas
could be tested with it before getting the Neo :)
On the NSLU2 I will play  with debian and kexec to install a pre-system 
on the flash once and then boot a second system from USB.

So I think kexec will be possible on the Neo1973 you  could have several 
systems parallel and when you need a stabil system for normal life you could
choose. No idea if this will be interesting for normal user, but for
shure for hackers like you ;)


PS: I love hacks like kexec and linux-vserver :)))

> Thanks a lot,
> Alessandro

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