10 Ideas from a Non-Developer

Ryan Kline radryan214 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 14 16:20:07 CET 2007

1. (sort of like boost mobile but,) Locate your buddies using GPS on  
a map system. Possibly non-neo phones too...

2. We need an all around instant messaging client that uses data (NOT  

3. Make the phone look awesome when it rings with awesome animation  
or flashing multicolored lights

4. Music and Video Playback with Syncing over Bluetooth

5. WiFi, PLEASE!!!!

6. Some good built in ringtones

7. A ringtone store that taps into other carriers

8. Speaker Phone and Multi Line Conferencing

9. Games that arent bad

10. Customizable UI, Backgrounds, Screen Savers, Colors, etc.  
basically EVERYTHING

I hope we can make it happen!


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