Bluetooth questions from a bluetooth guy [Was: collaborating on bluetooth audio]

Fabien Chevalier fabchevalier at
Mon Jan 15 19:41:21 CET 2007

Hi all,

Brad, i was about to poke the list for some Bluetooth question, it looks 
like you were faster than i was ;-)

For those who don't know me (everybody, i guess ;-) ), i'm working with 
the Bluez guys(including Brad ;-) ) on integrating Voice headsets 
support under Linux. This kind of support is the basic profile that 
every Bluetooth phone ships with. However given the fact our projet is 
still quite immature i wouldn't be surprised if there was no support for 
voice headsets in the Neo *at all*. Am i right ?

Brad's questions brings up even some more questions. Brad is  talking 
about a2dp which should really be cool to have on OpenMoko platform 
(Allows listening to high quality music with appropriate headset). 
However this brings me to ask the following question : will the Neo even 
ship with a Media Player ? (It doesn't seem to be advertized in the apps 
list :-( )

Some other questions that i would be very happy to have answers for :
  * Which bluetooth chip will you use? Which version (1.2 or 2.0 ?)
  * Which profiles to you intend to support in the initial release ?



PS: Of course, as soon as the Neo is out, i'm gonna purchase the 
hacker's kit and see how bluetooth support can be improved ;-)

> Hi
> I'm working on bluetooth audio--see 
> <>.
> What sort of software are you using for bluetooth voice? Is it combined 
> into some other services or standalone?
> We're also working on a2dp--our plan is to have one service running both 
> voice and a2dp. Obviously it would be great for openmoko to have a2dp 
> eventually.
> What's the openmoko developers' take on pulseaudio? I'm looking at how a 
> bluetooth pulse plugin would work out. fwiw, pulse could run as its own 
> service or be embedded in another service.
> Brad
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