Non-gprs Internet access options without wifi (cel-dialup)

Tomasz Zielinski tomasz.zielinski at
Mon Jan 15 20:49:54 CET 2007

2007/1/14, Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at>:

> > in the neighborhood of $1000-2000/month.  We have awful data plans
> That's probably to expensive for most people, which again kills they
> calculation. At least our local telcos started to comprehending that
> they need a mass market product to recoup the fees they paid for the
> UMTS licenses ;)

There are countries with flat rate GPRS plans:

Yes, we have it in Poland too, for individual customer "iPlus"
services costs about USD20 or USD30 per month. Voice calls costs about
3 times than usually in this plan.

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