What consum more power - radio or audio encoding? Re: No WiFi for me

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Mon Jan 15 20:56:23 CET 2007

Salve [cc]smart!

Your mail make me ask what consumes more power 
- BT dataconnection and Sip client on the mobil
- Sip client on an external box and Dect audio connection to the mobil

[cc]smart schrieb am Montag, den 15. Januar 2007 um 20:26h:
> WiFi is not made for realtime data, even less than IP. You have to share
> the bandwidth with others and it eats too much juice.
> For local wireless telephone capabilities i'd prefer DECT, and for VoIP
> convert that.
> For wireless IP connection in the living room, i'd use a bluetooth AP.

You are right but you forget one view:
When sombody whant it at home, he can place one or many BT accesspoints
in his apartement/office/house :)
Ok Dect/GAP would be better....

Being on the road, I know WiFI access points, but no DECT station where
I could log in...
Also friend of mine would may give me internet connections via  Wifi/BT,
but using their DECT (when they have one) to doing ore getting calls 
is too complicated.

So focusing first on solution for cheap internet/data connections/voip on the 
road outside the living room worth it - IMHO. 
On the long term are you right, Dect/Gap would be smart to have it in
the phone ;)

So back to my question what would be more power efficient on the 
mobil - anybody an idea?


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