MicroSD Wifi ?

Grahame Falvey grahame at falvey.net
Mon Jan 15 23:40:21 CET 2007

On 15/01/07, Ole Tange <openmoko.org at tange.dk> wrote:
> On 1/15/07, Dwayne Bonson <dbonson at sydneyplus.com> wrote:
> > I've read a few questions and comments from the list archives about wifi
> > with the Neo but it seems most are looking at USB as an alternative but
> > that's not really mobile if you need to carry a powered USB hub around
> > also and then find somewhere to plug in.  Wouldn't a microSD wifi card
> > do the trick?
> Probably not. From: http://www.linuxtogo.org/gowiki/OpenMoko/InternetAccess
> You could in theory use the micro-SD slot for a [WWW] WiFi-card. But
> the slot is located under the battery in the middle of the phone, so
> the signal may not be very good. Also you will have to sacrifice
> having a micro-SD flash card for storage and you will then be limited
> to 64 MB.
> /Ole

Ok.  Time to stop lurking and ask a question :)

Is the microSD slot accessable while the phone is operational?  Or
does one have to remove the battery and hence power down the device in
order to swap out the card?


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