MicroSD Wifi ?

Paul Bohme paul at bohme.org
Tue Jan 16 00:16:58 CET 2007

Grahame Falvey wrote:
> On 15/01/07, Joe Pfeiffer <jjpfeifferjr at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Grahame Falvey writes:
>> >
>> >Is the microSD slot accessable while the phone is operational?  Or
>> >does one have to remove the battery and hence power down the device in
>> >order to swap out the card?
>> As far as we know, it requires powering-down the phone.
> Not to sound too negative, but that's rather pointless really.  I have
> a Nokia 6230 which has the MMC slot under the battery and it's just
> plain annoying to have to remove it whenever I want top copy stuff
> onto or off it.  Would there be a technical reason why it would be
> done this way?

While it's not ideal, it's far from pointless.  Consider the hoops that 
most phones make you jump through - while I'm of the camp that never 
understood why you'd want a camera on your phone - others I know 
complain that their carrier wants to charge them for every single photo 
they transfer off the phone.  Data transfers of any kind tend to be 
incredibly constrained.

With the Neo, moving data to/from the phone can be much easier than good 
ol' fashioned 'sneakernet.'  Hopefully this makes much of the flipping 
of memory cards back and forth to transfer data much less necessary.

That said, I'm hoping that our impressions of having to pull pieces 
apart to get at the card are incorrect. ;-)

(As an aside, what does it look like when the phone is tethered?  Is it 
an endpoint for PPP, or the classic USB mass storage device?  If it's 
the latter, are both the internal flash and the expansion cards visible 
at the same time?)


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