Bluetooth questions from a bluetooth guy

Brad Midgley bmidgley at
Tue Jan 16 01:27:31 CET 2007

Bluetooth profiles are optional and not all are uniformly or completely
implemented on bluez. It's also worth noting that the bluetooth consortium
wants all advertised profiles to be implemented completely and to go through
an expensive qualification process.

I wouldn't be surprised if openmoko underadvertises the device's profiles or
leaves some profile installation as an end-user exercise to dodge the issue.

On 1/15/07, Sven Neuhaus <sven-openmoko at> wrote:
> Fabien Chevalier wrote:
> >  * Which profiles to you intend to support in the initial release ?
> Umm.. maybe I'm missing something here - but since the phone is runnig
> Linux with BlueZ, it will support all core Bluetooth protocols and layers.
> -Sven
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