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Mikko Rauhala mjrauhal at
Tue Jan 16 01:46:50 CET 2007

ma, 2007-01-15 kello 16:49 -0700, Joe Pfeiffer kirjoitti:
> Mike writes:
> >Yes I know that, I still vote for subject tags and reply-list.
> I don't really care about subject tags, but would prefer reply-list.

I don't really care about subject tags (space-hogging and useless as
they are in the presence of headers better suited for filtering), but
let me chime in with a hearty "no" for reply-to munging, just to balance
things out a bit. (I also note that the people for munging and subject
tagging don't apparently particularly care about keeping the subject
line and the discussion in sync, which sheds some light to why they
don't see how crowding it out would inconvenience some people. Ah well.)

There was already a good reference on why list software should _not_
touch Reply-to. I'd like to add Lars Wirzenius's take on the matter,
largely overlapping as it is:

That's that from me on this matter, and I do hope a quick death for this

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