MikroSD under the battery - unmount, sleep modus, small capacitator Re: MicroSD Wifi ?

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Tue Jan 16 10:53:05 CET 2007

Salve Joe!

On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:

> Grahame Falvey writes:
> >
> >Is the microSD slot accessable while the phone is operational?  Or
> >does one have to remove the battery and hence power down the device in
> >order to swap out the card?
> As far as we know, it requires powering-down the phone.

- small capacitator parallel to the battery
- script/function that 
-- unmount the SD
-- let the phone sleep for a while

This is why I'm not in favor to produce the Neo1973 as fast as possible
- small features make the hardware much more smart.

Imagine you would like to copy from on mikroSD to another mikroSD
what a pain when you have to reboot and only the rest memmory of
you 64 MB flash... 

With the capacitator you could use the free memory of your RAM (128 MB)
and I can imagine that it would be possible run a "copy mode" system
that let you have >120MB free RAM to copy

Hope that I haven't to hack my Neo1973 myself with my solder iron :)


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