community Digest, Vol 10, Issue 11

Grahame Falvey grahame at
Tue Jan 16 12:19:47 CET 2007

On 16/01/07, Derek Pressnall <dpressnall at> wrote:
> >I have never seen a device where the same connector could act as both
> >audio-in and audio-out,
> I have a device that does that, the Sharp Zaurus.  From what I
> understand, a microphone has a different impedence than a headphone
> speaker, so the hardware switches the one earpiece betwean mic and
> audio out based on that.  Only problem is that it plays havoc with
> certain audio out devices, such as a cassette adapter (not enough
> impedence), so I'd rather have this software controlled (i.e., switch
> one or both lines to audio in depending on the app that has controll
> of the connecter).

I also had a computer motherboard that would do the same however
software configured.  It had the ability to produce 5.1 sound however
if you wanted to use a microphone you had to reduce that to 2.1 sound
and use one of the output jacks as the microphone input.


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