Time to copy 1GB via USB 1.1 = 12 minutes? Re: MikroSD under the battery - unmount, sleep modus, small capacitator Re: MicroSD Wifi ?

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Tue Jan 16 15:07:22 CET 2007

Salve Gabriel!

Gabriel Ambuehl schrieb am Dienstag, den 16. Januar 2007 um 14:12h:
> > Ok you are right, most devices with microSD will have Bluetooth,
> > most cameras have no Bluetooth, but also using no microSD.
> > An normal size SD slot, usable from outside, would be fine :)
> You can use microsd cards with adapter in cams just fine.

Yes, when it is your cam - but I thought about situations
that you meet somebody with nice photos..

> > - changing SIM / microSD card without reboot 
> Not sure why anyone would need to switch SIM constantly...

gooing abroad - using a cheaper tariff 
I would prefer a mutipexer for 4 sim cards...
but we already had this discussion.. on this list

> > - copy form microSD to microSD without reboot
> > - switching display to black when the battery
> >   is removed and (optional) sending (encrypted)
> >   SMS with localisation to your server
> Ok THAT might help. Then again you could do that with pretty much any SIM 
> inside....

And I forgot one - changing the battery without rebooting
- maybe possible in 5 seconds without sleeping the CPU
and stopping calls/data transmission. *g*


PS: Hey, what is the uptime of your Neo?

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