MikroSD under the battery - unmount, sleep modus, small capacitator Re: MicroSD Wifi ?

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at comcast.net
Tue Jan 16 15:49:10 CET 2007

Robert Michel writes:
>> As far as we know, it requires powering-down the phone.
>- small capacitator parallel to the battery
>- script/function that 
>-- unmount the SD
>-- let the phone sleep for a while

Sure -- this is essentially the PalmOS solution.

>This is why I'm not in favor to produce the Neo1973 as fast as possible
>- small features make the hardware much more smart.

Well...  I'm happy to wait a little while for small tweaks, but you're
asking for actual circuitry changes.  I'm not involved in production,
but I've got to think this would add months -- I don't want to wait
that long.

>Imagine you would like to copy from on mikroSD to another mikroSD
>what a pain when you have to reboot and only the rest memmory of
>you 64 MB flash... 

I don't expect to want to do that often, if at all.

>With the capacitator you could use the free memory of your RAM (128 MB)
>and I can imagine that it would be possible run a "copy mode" system
>that let you have >120MB free RAM to copy

I expect to be adding the phone to my nightly backups at home (I run
RAID0 on my main file server -- a fact that saved me last week when
I killed one of my disk drives through a bit of hardware stupidity on
my part that even I find hard to believe -- and every night a cron job
runs an rsync that backs up everything in the house to a separate

So if I ever want to copy the contents of my phone to another MicroSD
card, I expect to be doing it from a hard drive.
>Hope that I haven't to hack my Neo1973 myself with my solder iron :)

Hacker's lunchbox :)

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