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Tue Jan 16 17:47:47 CET 2007

> It is great that the Neo1973 v1 will have Bluetooth :)))
> Will you publish which version and class it will have?

I would guess Class 2 (20-40mw) that's common for PDAs and mobile phones

> And can somebody explain (me) if beside the bandwith
> are any hardware limitation for Bluetooth profiles?

Yes, the hardware needs to support SCO connections in order to support 
audio (e.g. headset and handsfree)

Profiles I know about...

WORK very well:
  obex push/ftp
  HID (human interface device)
  BNEP (bluetooth ehternet encapsulation)
  DUN (dial up networking)
  bluetooth serial port

  bluetooth headset support, works but still is under development 
(please correct
me if I'm wrong)
  Syncml (e.g. with opensync)

Should work (never tried myself):
  bluetooth printing (e.g. with CUPS)

... did I forget anything?

> Where is a good overview about linux Bluetooth and profiles?

start here:

> And will it be possible to use several profiles/Bluetoothsolutions
> simultanions? E.g. Bluetooth keyboard and headset at the same time?

blueZ, the Linux bluetooth stack is totally capable of doing this.

Collin (a bluetooth hacker at heart)

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