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hi again;

the main problem with touch screen controls is you cannot give the user "my hands fits on this button" feeling. this feeling makes the players comfortable about controlling the characters, etc. on th screen. 
as i said before, also virrtual keypads can be used, or just touching can be a great idea for games... we had some experiences with touchscreen gaming, and the users mainly don't like to playimg doom-like games with a touchscreen, they feel more comfortable with arcade style games... gamers mostly used to a controlling device like joypads, mouse, or keyboards nowadays. and as we experienced, gamers like the analog joysticks of gamepads most. because it gives the feeling of really controlling the character on the screen. but with ipod usage, people used to control simple and touch input device... and now they like mainly no button idea. so that this is an advantage for touch screen games. and also people nowadays like playing arcade games on every playform (even the next-gen gaming consoles). 
maybe another problem is the response time of the touch screens. this could effect the gameplay experience.
the main problem can be the usage of the screen. this is what Nokia N-Gage bumps onto wall. they didn't used a psp like widescreenish screen for gaming. and this became a huge limitation for game developers. If there is a vertical usage oportunity in games, then the games can be more attractive for people. i want to tell you about one of my experiences. we've developed two soccer games for mobile phones (a j2me game, not a s60 game). in the first edition we used the screen as n-gage used, people liked the game but in the second edition we usd the screen in vertical position. then the number pad became like a joypad for right hand. and the area of usage became incredibly beatiful. it triple the first edition downloads and people returned incredibly beatiful comments to us. because there was no (maybe 1-2 more) games that uses the screen of mobile phones vertical.

sorry for the long mail :) but i'm really curious about this device. i'm curious about the graphics capabilities, i'm curious about the shape in the hand (as i said before, if i use it veritcal will it be comfortable in my hand?), i'm curious about the marketing strategy of the product (distribution of the content), and i'm curious about nearly everything about this thing :) i'm not against of playing games on touch screens, but there are not much examples of this kind of games in the market. with iphone i think there will be a market for touch screen games on itunes, as i said not too complex games, mostly arcades.

when openmoko is in the market i'll get one and trye every possibility on it for gaming. maybe it could be a good platform for games too. because today's mobile phones suck with gaming  capabilities (in graphics and gaming experience) ....

Christopher Heiny <clheiny at> wrote: On Tuesday 16 January 2007 10:20, Gabriel Ambuehl scribbled in crayon on the 
back of a kid's menu:
> On Tuesday 16 January 2007 18:51, Engin Erenturk wrote:
> > Hi, I'm Engin;
> >
> > I'm a game developer from Istanbul/Turkey. the thing i wonder most
> > about open  openmoko is the gaming oportunities. as i read from mails
> > today, it will have a 640x480 vga screen. Is there any predictions
> > about the gam&#351;ing oportunities of this device?
> Unless your game can be controlled with a touchscreen, you won't like it
> as gaming device.

What don't you like about game control with touchscreen phones?  If we know 
that, we can improve it for OpenMoko.

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