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Hi everyone.

Ever since I 'met' the OpenMoko I wanted one. And since it has AGPS on
board, it could be even more usefull to me.
I love riding a motorcycle and was hoping that this thingy could be turned
into a TomTom rider equivalent. Meaning that I need large buttons when using
Looks like there are already people here with a _lot_ of UI experience.
Things are looking good :-)


On 1/16/07, Engin Erenturk <enginerenturk at> wrote:
> hi again;
> the main problem with touch screen controls is you cannot give the user
> "my hands fits on this button" feeling. this feeling makes the players
> comfortable about controlling the characters, etc. on th screen.
> as i said before, also virrtual keypads can be used, or just touching can
> be a great idea for games... we had some experiences with touchscreen
> gaming, and the users mainly don't like to playimg doom-like games with a
> touchscreen, they feel more comfortable with arcade style games... gamers
> mostly used to a controlling device like joypads, mouse, or keyboards
> nowadays. and as we experienced, gamers like the analog joysticks of
> gamepads most. because it gives the feeling of really controlling the
> character on the screen. but with ipod usage, people used to control simple
> and touch input device... and now they like mainly no button idea. so that
> this is an advantage for touch screen games. and also people nowadays like
> playing arcade games on every playform (even the next-gen gaming consoles).
> maybe another problem is the response time of the touch screens. this
> could effect the gameplay experience.
> the main problem can be the usage of the screen. this is what Nokia N-Gage
> bumps onto wall. they didn't used a psp like widescreenish screen for
> gaming. and this became a huge limitation for game developers. If there is a
> vertical usage oportunity in games, then the games can be more attractive
> for people. i want to tell you about one of my experiences. we've developed
> two soccer games for mobile phones (a j2me game, not a s60 game). in the
> first edition we used the screen as n-gage used, people liked the game but
> in the second edition we usd the screen in vertical position. then the
> number pad became like a joypad for right hand. and the area of usage became
> incredibly beatiful. it triple the first edition downloads and people
> returned incredibly beatiful comments to us. because there was no (maybe 1-2
> more) games that uses the screen of mobile phones vertical.
> sorry for the long mail :) but i'm really curious about this device. i'm
> curious about the graphics capabilities, i'm curious about the shape in the
> hand (as i said before, if i use it veritcal will it be comfortable in my
> hand?), i'm curious about the marketing strategy of the product
> (distribution of the content), and i'm curious about nearly everything about
> this thing :) i'm not against of playing games on touch screens, but there
> are not much examples of this kind of games in the market. with iphone i
> think there will be a market for touch screen games on itunes, as i said not
> too complex games, mostly arcades.
> when openmoko is in the market i'll get one and trye every possibility on
> it for gaming. maybe it could be a good platform for games too. because
> today's mobile phones suck with gaming  capabilities (in graphics and gaming
> experience) ....
> *Christopher Heiny <clheiny at>* wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 January 2007 10:20, Gabriel Ambuehl scribbled in crayon on
> the
> back of a kid's menu:
> > On Tuesday 16 January 2007 18:51, Engin Erenturk wrote:
> > > Hi, I'm Engin;
> > >
> > > I'm a game developer from Istanbul/Turkey. the thing i wonder most
> > > about open openmoko is the gaming oportunities. as i read from mails
> > > today, it will have a 640x480 vga screen. Is there any predictions
> > > about the gamşing oportunities of this device?
> >
> > Unless your game can be controlled with a touchscreen, you won't like it
> > as gaming device.
> What don't you like about game control with touchscreen phones? If we know
> that, we can improve it for OpenMoko.
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