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tony tony at
Tue Jan 16 23:59:31 CET 2007

Paul Bohme wrote:
> tony wrote:
>> I am planning a Nethack port. It should be quite easy.
> In theory, yes.  In practice...  I have run this on a Zaurus, and it's a 
> little hard to see/read.  At least on that I have a reasonable keyboard 
> - what are your thoughts on display sizes as well as input mechanism?
> If it can be made to work, that's almost enough excuse for me to buy one 
> right there (as if there weren't already plenty of them..)
>  -P

Sorry-- I only answered half the question. I had originally planned on 
testing multi-touch input for common tasks, like opening, kicking, 
zapping, etc. Since the first rev won't have multi-touch (I hear), I 
will use either a menu system, or a gesture system, or a combination of 
the two.

				- Tony

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