[OPENMOKO] Great Job

andy at zrmt.com andy at zrmt.com
Wed Jan 17 03:32:25 CET 2007

Hey Guys,

I know the specification of the phone doesn't include wifi, nor do I want
to badger the list to say it should be included, as I'm sure it will be
integrated in a matter of time.

However, I would like to suggest that we look into developing some sort of
VoIP transferral software, so that when an openmoKo user is within the
range of their home wifi network, incoming calls come from both the GSM
and wifi network, and outgoing calls can default to going via VoIP, or
non-default selected to go via GSM.

I know i'd find this feature amazingly useful, but wanted to know other
opinions on it's practicality (technically), and whether or not there are
other people to whom this feature would be useful.



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