phone bot idea

Lee Colleton lee at
Wed Jan 17 08:38:50 CET 2007

I'd like to run a bot on my phone that I'd be able to chat with via Jabber
(XMPP, used by Gmail and others).  This would allow me to easily set and
receive notifications to augment the small screen UI by extending the reach
of the phone to any net connected computer.  The bot could also set your own
IM status based on active phone calls or the screen being switched off (if
you weren't signed in and active elsewhere).  This could be really easy to
set up, just add yourself as a buddy and start chatting with your phone:

Phone: Ahoy!
Me: alarm
Phone: Alarm set 0630 weekdays
Me: alarm set 0900 everyday
Phone: Alarm set 0900 everyday
Me: call mom
Phone: dialing (XXX)XXX-XXXX
Phone: call duration 1:20::35

you get the idea...

--Lee Colleton
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