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Wed Jan 17 12:37:14 CET 2007

As a games programming student I see alot of potential for games on the touchscreen phones.  Although there are no buttons (or none we can really use for the games) I still see a number of possibilities.
that is a simple game I want to see on the openmoko phone asap, I am quite addicted to it.
I think the main problem is that for alot of good games, the action is fast, and you have to see most of the screen, so putting your finger in the middle to aim and shoot for a doom clone etc would basically ruin gameplay.  However the stylus could be used due to its far thinner.
Or a small little bit at the bottom
here is a little mockup I did, probably got the finger scale and that wrong but you get the idea.
<IMG SRC="">
Stuart Gray

> Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 19:03:06 -0500> From: spontificus at> To: community at> Subject: Re: Gaming oportunities> > On 1/16/07, Gabriel Ambuehl <gabriel_ambuehl at> wrote:> > Unless your game can be controlled with a touchscreen, you won't like it as> > gaming device.> > I've got a mockup I did for a Gravity Power port I've been putting off> for too long:>> > With a bigger input wheel for the stylus, I think this could work> quite nicely. The darker coloured direction arc's are the deadzone,> one phone button = fire- and I'd imagine it'll be relatively simple to> make this resizeable/transparent/movable/skinnable.> > It's physically analagous to the old up/down/left/right/fire joysticks> - in that you can't do up+down at the same time, but you can do> up+right, etc.> > Richard> > _______________________________________________> OpenMoko community mailing list> community at>
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