Gaming oportunities

Richard Franks spontificus at
Wed Jan 17 14:53:12 CET 2007

On 1/17/07, Stuart Gray <randomelginguy at> wrote:
> As a games programming student I see alot of potential for games on the
> touchscreen phones.  Although there are no buttons (or none we can really
> use for the games)

Assuming that the placement of the two buttons is suitable.. unless
they both have hard-wired functions, it should be possible to use at
least one of them for an additional function (fire/select)?

If so I'm not too concerned - worse case scenario, there are thousands
of great games out there that just used up/down/left/right/fire.. best
case scenario, we can write games like that _plus_ games which use the
touchscreen in innovative ways!


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