Alternative input, like Dasher

Derek Pressnall dpressnall at
Wed Jan 17 16:03:00 CET 2007

One of my favorite alternative inputs is a system callec QuickWriting
(I've also seen it called qwikscript, qwikscroll, etc).  The concept
is that you have the alphabet aranged in groups along a circle, where
the circle is divided into eight sections.  Each section contains 5
characters.  To select a character, you drag the stylus from the
center of the circle into the appropriate section, then either go back
to the center, or enter an adjacent section(s) then go back to the
center.  The section(s) you enter and leave determine the character
Once you get used to it (after about a week or so) you start to
develope a "flow" for certain words and you can end up with a fairly
quick input speed (faster than on-screen keyboard).  One
implimentation is called QwikScript for Qtopia, but I haven't seen
this done for GTK yet.  Check it out on

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