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Wed Jan 17 16:43:46 CET 2007

Justyn Butler wrote:
> Why not modify a normal screen protector to have raised bumps in a 
> keyboard layout, but leave the whole thing transparent. A screen 
> protector is just a piece of plastic film with adhesive round the edges. 
> The protector will live on the screen all the time and you could 
> probably "forget" it's there when not using the keyboard, because you'd 
> be reading things through it. Of course, it would undoubtedly affect the 
> clarity of the display where the raised buttons are.
> When you want to use the keypad, the buttons would appear on the screen 
> in the correct positions under the keys, a simple software matter.

As long as this "keyboard" does not conflict with the writing area!

I.E. like on some palms, where the writing area is part of the screen, you can switch between the writing area, the keyboard, or neither of them to have extra screen space.

If you have raised keys on your screen protector, writing with the pen in that area would be very hard!

my 2 cts, Eric

> Justyn
> On 15/01/07, * Sven Neuhaus* <sven-openmoko at 
> <mailto:sven-openmoko at>> wrote:
>     Derek Pressnall schrieb:
>      > Then you would still be using the touch screen
>      > for input (pressure applied to the bumps would transfer through the
>      > overlay to the touch screen), but the keypad pattern would show up
>      > through the bottom part of the overlay (with the "bumps") where you
>      > could still "blind dial".
>      >
>      > Add in a hinged connection at the top of the overlay, and possibly a
>      > sensor that could switch the phone's screen between normal mode and
>      > "phone only" mode when the overlay is in use, and you could have a
>      > very cheap method of obtainin a keypad similar to a Motorola
>     A780.  So
>      > what does everyone think?
>     The Sony Ericsson P800 phone uses a keyboard like that. It's usable,
>     but
>     not really great. I found a picture at
>     <>
>     -Sven
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