Fwd: OpenMoko in my area?

Eric van Horssen horzel at hacktic.nl
Wed Jan 17 21:09:04 CET 2007

Marcel de Jong wrote:
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> Paul Bohme wrote:
>> Mike wrote:
>>> Marcel de Jong wrote:
>>>> ps.
>>>> I really don't like the fact that 'reply' doesn't work on this
>>>> mailinglist. I have to add the mailaddress myself. (this is the only
>>>> mailinglist that I know, that does that this way)
>> You'll want to be careful here - is an odd thing that people get really
>> bent out of shape about..  Have no idea why.
>> Interesting discussion: http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html
> What I'm missing in that 'discussion' is a valid alternative.
> A Thunderbird is no Elm. Sure it may work great with his
> email-reader(s), it sure as heck doesn't in mine. :-(
> oh well.. *shrug* :)
> greetings,
> Marcel

Hello Marcel,

Do I understand correctly that you use Thunderbird?
And that you think Thunderbird isn't able to
a) filter this list?
b) do a reply to all?

If so, I'll try to be of some assistence:

Case a)
In Thunderbird goto Tools; Message Filters...; New...
Instead of "Subject" choose "Customize..."
Create a "New message header:" "List-Id"  by ADDing it to the list

Use this in a new Filter Rule which checks for "List-Id" "contains" "community.lists.openmoko.org" (without the quotes)

Case b)
In the Thunderbird menu you will find that Reply is CTRL-R
And Reply to All is simply ..... CTRL-SHIFT-R

Good luck in extending the use of Thunderbird!!

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