Alternative input, like Dasher

Derek Pressnall dpressnall at
Thu Jan 18 02:30:26 CET 2007

Quoting Ulrik Rasmussen:
> Do you know how many words/characters per minute it is possible to achieve?

I ran some tests a while ago, using the Zaurus version of quikscript,
here's what I posted to a zaurus forum at the time (based on my
personal results):

: 1) Handwriting recognition: barely 5 - 7 words a minute, due to
recognition inacuracies
: 2) On-screen keyboard: about 15 - 20 words a minute
: 3) Quickscript: Just achieved 20 words a minute, and still improving
: 4) Hardware keyboard: 30 - 35 words a minute
: 5) Normal computer keyboard: 85 - 100 words a minute.

This was after using quikscript for about a couple weeks or so, and
entering some standard typing speed tests (i.e., "the quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy yellow dog").  I would expect quikscript to end up
closer to 30 - 40 words a minute with continued practice (however I
don't take notes too often on a pda anymore).

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