Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

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Thu Jan 18 02:46:06 CET 2007

On 1/17/07, Attila Csipa <plists at> wrote:
> On Thursday 18 January 2007 00:09, Renaissance Man wrote:
> > Why does no organisation (even Apple) seem to get it that the mobile
> > communications revolution is through VoIP via WiFi. This is the
> > killer app.
> Could you share with us WHY do you think that is the killer app ? (for
> applications, I understand, but specifically for VOICE) From what I see,
> VoIP
> via WiFi in phones/PDAs is the re-creation of GSM technology but without
> the
> phone-orientedness of GSM networks. Technology wise, you seem to have
> worse
> autonomy, worse coverage, extra HW cost, bluetooth interference, limited
> and
> country-specific list of channels, but hey you have the extra bandwidth
> you
> will never need for VoIP ! Pricewise, it's bust again. No carrier will
> subsidise such phones, thus they will be more expensive (defeating the
> purpose of being cheaper) and even if they would, with different dialplans
> and GSM gateways, the price difference becomes really slim. VoIP might
> come
> into play if you had 3G bandwidths, but again, price works against you
> except
> for the most expansive direct calls to the other side of the world. Of
> course, all of this from my local perspective, maybe in the UK it's
> different :)

You are absolutely right. I just didnt have the energy to type all of that.
Glad you did!


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