Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

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Thu Jan 18 02:59:29 CET 2007

On 18 Jan 2007, at 1:29 am, Attila Csipa wrote:

> Could you share with us WHY do you think that is the killer app ?

Because I can cut my telecommunications bill practically down to  
zero. Most of my phone calls are made at work and home, both of which  
already have WiFi, but then there's also The Cloud in London, which  
is city-wide hotspots for about £10/mth.

> From what I see, VoIP via WiFi in phones/PDAs is the re-creation of  
> GSM technology but without the phone-orientedness of GSM networks.

No, with VoIP via WiFi, GSM simply becomes the more expensive  
supplement to WiFi, to ensure mobility.

> you seem to have worse autonomy

No, because you'll still have GSM, and WiFi actually ensures the  
carriers lose control over you.

> worse coverage

No, you'll have better coverage, as you'll have the potential to use  
WiFi when there's no GSM coverage.

> extra HW cost, bluetooth interference, limited and country-specific  
> list of channels,


>  but hey you have the extra bandwidth you will never need for VoIP !

No, you have already-paid-for bandwidth for VoIP and video.

> Pricewise, it's bust again.

Calling my friends in London and my parents across the world for free  
from a mobile phone really is cheaper than my current arrangement, I  
can assure you.

> No carrier will subsidise such phones

Another positive. Finally their grip will be loosened. The economics  
are rather obvious if you ask me. It would take well under a year for  
me to start saving money if I went out today and purchased an  
unlocked Nokia N80, put Truphone on it: and got  
some prepay GSM.

Renaissance Man

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