Why do I want WiFi?

Jean-Philippe Monteiro joaophilippe.mb.monteiro at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 03:14:57 CET 2007

Hi Community

A lot of stuff around WiFi these days - A feature that does _not_ seems to be 
even planned as of now! :)

Why do I want WiFi?

NOT to make expensive VoIP calls in airports - if I want to spend money in 
airports, there are plenty of other ways...

I want WiFI so that the Phone is a real part of my network, allowing Sync's & 
Backups, move/consultation of files over standard smb:// protocol: safe, 
fast, secure, you choose what to share & what not.

I want WiFi to overcome the trouble of GPRS not being recognized/set up right 
with my local carrier (tell me about it: exotic phones are never acknowledged 
as data-capable by carriers), so I can apt-get over the network (cheaper, 
faster than over GPRS BTW), so I can get the online stuff I _need_ (mails, 
mainly. Ever tried to browse the internet over a Palm? useless.)

I _may_ use WiFi then as VoIP confortable handset when in range of my own 
network, but that's just a small bonus.

[The Dreams that can't get me asleep: 
-I want WiFi AND 3G so my ubuntu laptop can connect (WiFi) to the handheld as 
a modem to get online (3G) anywhere... with a decent screen size & speed... 
Me being not a hacker/developper, this will never happen in my lifetime...
-I want WiFi & true PIM Suite/sync soft dedicated to Linux - but that could be 
overcome by the WiFi+SMB implementation]


Jean-Philippe [dumb end-user]


SuSE93 Linux Kernell KDE 3.4.0 Kontact 1.1 Kmail 1.8

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