Fwd: Why do I want WiFi?

Jean-Philippe Monteiro joaophilippe.mb.monteiro at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 05:05:34 CET 2007

> > Need to set up a server though, it won't just access my Linksys Box :(
> It will access your Linksys NSLU2 running SlugOS with a bluetooth USB
> dongle plugged into it, sitting beside your Linksys Router ...
> I do this today with the Treo 650 to get bluetooth network coverage in
> my house.
> -- Rod
> -- nslu2-linux.org project lead

A link I'm goin' to follow, if you say you actually get a Treo online with 
this hack - I own a BEFW11S4 2.4 Wireless-B 802.11b, so I'm out here anyway.




SuSE93 Linux Kernell KDE 3.4.0 Kontact 1.1 Kmail 1.8

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