Gaming oportunities

Sven Neuhaus sven-openmoko at
Thu Jan 18 10:01:37 CET 2007

Engin Erenturk wrote:
> I'm a game developer from Istanbul/Turkey. the thing i wonder most about
> open  openmoko is the gaming oportunities. as i read from mails today,
> it will have a 640x480 vga screen. Is there any predictions about the
> gamşing oportunities of this device?

It is lacking 3D acceleration so it's not really a "hot gaming machine".
Bluetooth, however, enables us to use an extern joystick like this one

There are a few games that work well with touchscreen like Lemmings or
Tower Defense ( ).

Adaptions of board games would probably also be worthwile. Some graphical
adventure games will work just fine (I'm expecting a ScummVM port).
And I'm sure someone is just itching to get Freeciv running...


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