Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Thu Jan 18 12:12:51 CET 2007

* Renaissance Man <renaissanceman at> [070118 02:08]:
> Well, call me when it has WiFi. I just don't think this thing's going to get the start it should have got.

Well, it won't get a start no matter what endusers will buy/use it or
not. The first phase is where it's critical that all the itchy
developers get their hands on it. And most of these bitch only on low
volume about shortcomings. (WiFi, powered USB port, keyboard,
EDGE/UMTS support, ...)

btw, you can get WiFi if you desire so much, just use a battery
powered power injector and a WiFi USB stick.

> I've now read the reasons for its exclusion, but having read Sean's marketing PDF to the carriers one can't help but wonder if OpenMoko is just yet another victim of the carrier 
> monopoly on mobile communications, which would beg the question: would WiFi really ever come to the device?

Yes, the carrier monopoly game is sick. One often overlooked symptom
of this sickness is, that I've often found items that are cheaper to
me when I roam than to the native population.

E.g. some time ago, the German C't magazine suggested using prepaid
Italian SIMs for data access in Germany, as they were cheaper to use
than any plan offered in Germany. Other curiousities that have no
place in a market: Sending SMS with my German phone in Germany (no
roaming) is more expensive then sending them with my Austrian phon in
Germany (roaming).

So yes, the monopoly markets are bad for customers. And if one looks
nearer on them, they certainly show all kinds of warty symptoms of


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