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yes true, ngage has 3d games, but ngage is a total failure. i'm not thinking opemoko as a gaming device as ngage is. openmoko don't need 3d acceleration, if it is possible, it will be great. Commonly most mobile games are in 2d, because of limitations and mostly because of the screen sizes. mobile phone screens were very annoying things for a 3d game (this is my personal thought)... but nowadays we are talkig great screen resolutions and sizes... this could be a great opportunuty. 
when i first mailed to the group about the gaming opportunities, i mostly think about arcade games, not 3d shooters. some friends does some illustrations and ideas about playing a 3d game with touch screen. I don't think that will work even for a screen size of openmoko... it can work technically but it has a high potential to be failed... on the other hand this touchscreen can be great for puzzles, 2d turnbased games etc. and some friends said that "nintendo did it on ds, we can do it" but as you can see even nintendo ds, the most advanced gaming device with touch screen has a gamepad for action games. because it is not easy to control more than one movements with a touchscreen... touchscreen can be good for games like finalfantas like games. maybe turn based rpg's. now nintendo ds is the caste of old school rpgs. maybe openmoko can share this title with nintendo.i hope :)

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Sven Neuhaus wrote:
> It is lacking 3D acceleration so it's not really a "hot gaming

I don't think it is a problem. I got an Nokia N-Gage: it runs many 3D
games, but has no 3d acceleratio, just laying on the CPU 100Mhz RISC
architecture. So it can be done with OpenMoko.


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