what is the difference between openMoko and windows mobile based phones

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Jan 18 13:05:49 CET 2007

Salve hank!

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, hank williams wrote:
> What I mean by this is that it seems everyone is saying that the big
> difference is that you can get 3rd party *real apps* on the phone. And this
> is said as if windows mobile phones like moto q, blackjack and pocket PC
> phones wont allow this.
> Now I am not saying open source isnt great. But from your *average* users
> perspective I would love to hear the advantages of the open source for these
> devices. Is this just a geek issue? It seems like most of the apps described
> on this list could be done with any of the windows mobile phones. I'd just
> love, for my own edification, to hear why this is wrong.

Ok I will try to anwer in 3 minutes. Your question is a good one and
worth a better answer - but to convince *average* users it needs some
real examples and solutions, so convincing *average* users is not *yet*
the time. Or?

Security - the Neo1973 will offer a trustworthy environemt
         - linux-vserver will offer jails/sandboxes for different
	 - VPN and SMS/Email/Telefonieencryption will be possible

Non-Networkprovider dominated, user-orientated design:
- white/black list for incomming calls/sms
- answering machine on your phone
- voice menues for anknown or anonymous caller

and much more will be possible. So please listen more to this list,
and you will see that it isn't about "you can get 3rd party *real apps*
on the phone" 

Beside the point that an *average* user doesn't see the potential of
open source on a mobile - what are your experiances and demands on
a smart phone?

When you look at the devices that you know or use(d):
- What does you miss most?
- What does you hate most?
- What does you like/used most?

And please feel free and very welcome to chare your ideas/questions
on this list - your question is a very good one and I hope that others
could spend a little more time to anwer you now.


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