Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Renaissance Man renaissanceman at
Thu Jan 18 13:19:33 CET 2007

On 18 Jan 2007, at 10:17 am, Sencer wrote:

> Then for everbody's sake use the 350$ to buy two simple WiFi VOIP- 
> phones, one for home, one for work and stop whining.

That won't make my communications easier, that just makes it more  
complicated. One way or another, probably within the next few months,  
I'm going to have one mobile communications device, with one phone  
number, that allows me to talk for free to my friends in London and  
family across the world when I'm in range of a freely accessible WiFi  
connection (which is much of the day).

Just wish it had been the Neo, because it's such a great product  

> Renaissance Man, reducing the success or the "revolutionary aspect"  
> of openmoko to the aspect of Wifi is missing the point completely  
> and utterly.

To suggest that that's what I'm doing is missing my point entirely.

> Now you say you are willing to sell body parts to get that feature.  
> In my book that proves that you've completely lost it and do not  
> operate from a reality-based world-view.

It's called a figure of speech.

Renaissance Man

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