Why do I want WiFi?

Paul Bohme paul at bohme.org
Thu Jan 18 13:57:40 CET 2007

Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
> On Thursday 18 January 2007 09:54, Renaissance Man wrote:
>>> Seamless swapping needs the carriers' help. And they won't do it
>>> for free, rest assured.
>> Already being done. See http://truphone.com
> Doesn't really say how it works. "An all  SIP solution" doesnt really sound 
> like it could ever be seamless with GSM. I'd really like to know just how 
> this supposed to work, because if they pulled this off, it would be really 
> huge. 

Perhaps if were drop the assumption that it would try to go from 
IP-based SIP call to GSM voice call.  What if the phone were simply 
smart enough to go from wifi to GPRS - then it's more a matter of having 
the endpoints able to withstand an IP address change mid-call.  
Something like that could go BT->wifi->GPRS and back without missing a 
beat - assuming that each step of the way involved a working IP address 
and the software were smart enough..


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