what is the difference between openMoko and windows mobile based phones

hank williams hank777 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 13:59:59 CET 2007

> Beside the point that an *average* user doesn't see the potential of
> open source on a mobile - what are your experiances and demands on
> a smart phone?
> When you look at the devices that you know or use(d):
> - What does you miss most?
> - What does you hate most?
> - What does you like/used most?

well honestly my biggest issue with phones in general is not features but
execution. The iPhone is a good example of executing  well on features that
have been around  for years. My one concern with open source is that it is
great at delivering features, but historically not great at UI. This is
because big open source projects are often done by teams where everyone can
do what they want. This tends to mean there is no singular unified design
vision. This is fine for features for the most part because we can all more
or less agree on how to implement wifi or an encryption scheme or whatever.
Or if we disagree we can implement five different ways as APIs and let the
market decide. But good UI doesn't work that way.

So the iPhone has a design czar - jobs - and that means that forward
thinking design gets done in a unified way. This issue may not effect
OpenMoko, at least in the beginning, since a private company is doing the
design. But when the design process becomes public, the features and design
by committee thing might be an issue.

But the bottom line is that my biggest problem with phones is that they are
just not designed well. The pretty much all suck!

And please feel free and very welcome to chare your ideas/questions
> on this list - your question is a very good one and I hope that others
> could spend a little more time to anwer you now.

Thanks for the welcome! But I have been here for months, and even made a
comment or two :).

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