Why do I want WiFi?

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Thu Jan 18 14:19:43 CET 2007

* Jean-Philippe Monteiro <joaophilippe.mb.monteiro at gmail.com> [070118 03:16]:
> Hi Community
> A lot of stuff around WiFi these days - A feature that does _not_ seems to be 
> even planned as of now! :)
> Why do I want WiFi?
> NOT to make expensive VoIP calls in airports - if I want to spend money in 
> airports, there are plenty of other ways...
> I want WiFI so that the Phone is a real part of my network, allowing Sync's & 
> Backups, move/consultation of files over standard smb:// protocol: safe, 
> fast, secure, you choose what to share & what not.

That you can do with BT well enough.

> I want WiFi to overcome the trouble of GPRS not being recognized/set up right 
> with my local carrier (tell me about it: exotic phones are never acknowledged 
> as data-capable by carriers), so I can apt-get over the network (cheaper,
Setting up GPRS is rather a straightforward thing with GSM phones. You
need the APN, and the dial string. The dialstring is a constant,
that's it. (Ok, there are some potential options to be set at
AT-command level, but I don't remember to have needed them ever)

> faster than over GPRS BTW), so I can get the online stuff I _need_ (mails,
> mainly. Ever tried to browse the internet over a Palm? useless.)

Quite useful with a Nokia. (GPRS makes it no fun, EGPRS would be fun).
I fear it's more a question of the client software than the network
connection that you had.


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