Fwd: Why do I want WiFi?

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at kostyrka.org
Thu Jan 18 14:26:30 CET 2007

* Jean-Philippe Monteiro <joaophilippe.mb.monteiro at gmail.com> [070118 03:38]:
> On Thursday 18 January 2007 09:25, you wrote:
> > Thankfully most of this can be done over Bluetooth.  At least with
> > linux computers you'll be able to access it as a network device, and
> > you'll be able to run smb or sshfs albeit at reduced speed.  Neos
> > won't be islands, even when untethered from USB. :)
> >
> > - Chad
> I was not aware Bluethoot is Network-Capable - Haven't got one, neither on 
> desktop or notebook, and believed Bluethoot was kinda USB-Wireless (wireless 
> Keyboards, some games, send of vCard) & not fully Ethernet-like.

Then learn before you start to whine.
BT even in the most basic version will be enough for 90% of the
intended WiFi uses. Should we get some better BT, it can basically do
almost everything that WiFi can do and more. (Beside being WiFi
compatible *g*)

> Need to set up a server though, it won't just access my Linksys Box :(
Yeah, it's not WiFi. OTOH, at home that's not much an issue (USB
Bluetooth doongles are cheap), and on the road you won't be using much
WiFi hotspots (expensive, login page, etc.)


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