Wish for 2nd generation Neo: USB 2.0

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at comcast.net
Thu Jan 18 17:14:13 CET 2007

el jefe delito writes:
>> > and make sure the port is a powered one this time round ;)
>and a standard master-device USB-A port at that
>so that I can plug in my favorite USB items
>No seriously, USB-A would make so much more sense now that these things are
>becoming capable of computer-type work.  Maybe a seperate 9V battery
>compartment for powering the USB hub, keeping it separate from the phone's

As I understand it, it has USB on-the-go which requires a Mini-AB
socket.  So you can plug a Mini-A cable into it, and it will behave
like a master.

Or is the issue powered vs. unpowered?  It would be nice to be able to
plug a stnadard USB flash stick directly into the phone and use it...  you
know, given the power requirements of a flash stick, it ought to be
possible to have a (noncompliant, I know) device with an A socket on
one side, a mini-A plug on the other, and a battery capable of
powering a USB stick in the middle.  Something like that could
probably be the size of the molded strain relief on the socket end of
a USB extension cord (also non-compliant, I know, but terribly

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