idea: linuxtogo wiki: Linksys NSLU2 and Neo 1973 HOWTO (Was: Why do I want WiFi?)

michael at michael at
Thu Jan 18 18:43:19 CET 2007

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Rod Whitby wrote:

> Jean-Philippe Monteiro wrote:
>> On Thursday 18 January 2007 09:25, you wrote:
>>> Thankfully most of this can be done over Bluetooth.  At least with
>>> linux computers you'll be able to access it as a network device, and
>>> you'll be able to run smb or sshfs albeit at reduced speed.  Neos
>>> won't be islands, even when untethered from USB. :)
>>> - Chad
>> I was not aware Bluethoot is Network-Capable - Haven't got one, neither on
>> desktop or notebook, and believed Bluethoot was kinda USB-Wireless (wireless
>> Keyboards, some games, send of vCard) & not fully Ethernet-like.
>> Thanks, that's info!
>> Need to set up a server though, it won't just access my Linksys Box :(
> It will access your Linksys NSLU2 running SlugOS with a bluetooth USB
> dongle plugged into it, sitting beside your Linksys Router ...
> I do this today with the Treo 650 to get bluetooth network coverage in
> my house.


Can you write a short HOWTOs on the wiki telling us how to do this, even just
in outline form?

Many question like this will need to be documented shortly:

   How do I configure the Neo 1973 to use an external USB keyboard?
   ... to use a USB WiFi dongle?
   ... to join my home network through my BT enabled server?
   How do I access the Internet via my USB connected Neo 1973 from my laptop?
   How do I build a battery powered USB passthrough adapter, to supply power to
     USB devices?
   What USB devices are known to work / not work with the Neo 1973?
   What BT devices are known to work / not work with the Neo 1973?

We've discussed many such things on this list, but it's time we start
collecting the details of how to actually do it.

and hopefully soon:

   How do I set up an OpenMoko build environment?
   What should I consider when porting a standard X86 Linux application to
   What should I consider when writing a new application for OpenMoko?

What other FAQs have already come up, or do you expect to come up?


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