Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Doug Shawhan lysdexia at
Thu Jan 18 19:17:34 CET 2007

>Okay. As much as I hate to inject any sort of air of reality into these
>The revolution evidently has a bunch of people who don't see that the value
>of half (or ninety-five one-hundredths) of a loaf exceeds that of no loaf at

I must admit, my knee-jerk reaction was "Uhnt! Why ain't there no 802.11x!"

After a few minutes neanderthal grinding and googling the phone for more 
info, I figured that it would bust the (very acceptable) price point and 
would most likely eat up batteries.

Magic fuel cells aside, I predict 802.11x will not be a big deal for 
mobiles until someone comes up with beautiful, free peer-to-peer voice 
app that is as easy to use and develop for as jabber. Of course, if one 
already has a phone that can do tcp/ip via bluetooth, and has an open 
architechture that allows one to develop such an animal ... TOING!!!

>As has been noted, it's a lot easier to post an email message saying, "Just
>add Wifi!" as though it were some sort of syrupy substance you could pour
>into a tank on the device, but there's actually more to it than that.
Yeah. I bought some of that from a guy in Argentina that emailed me. It 
really gummed up my VCR. Turns out Karo doesn't even make hardware!

>I'd like to have this line of discussion officially declared "silly",
Line of Discussion: I dub thee silly.

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