Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Mark McClellan markpmc at
Thu Jan 18 19:30:27 CET 2007

First. The lack of WiFi will _not_ prevent me from buying the first gen
openmoko phone.

Second. I have WiFi on my HTC Wizard (Cingular 8125) and almost never use

Third. VOIP is cool and all, but I don't understand how a Mobile carrier can
make $$$ from it.

Forth. Sorry for contributing to a silly thread...


On 1/17/07, Renaissance Man <renaissanceman at> wrote:
> The reason is neither of them have VoIP via WiFi.
> Who do I talk to ask them to include WiFi connectivity with the
> OpenMoko? I'll sell my body parts to get hold of such a device.
> Why does no organisation (even Apple) seem to get it that the mobile
> communications revolution is through VoIP via WiFi. This is the
> killer app.
> Well there is one organisation but they don't make hardware. They
> even offer a one phone number solution for VoIP/Cell too:
> Please include WiFi!
> Renaissance Man
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