what is the difference between openMoko and windows mobile based phones

Robert Michel openmoko at robertmichel.de
Thu Jan 18 20:23:36 CET 2007

Salve Rok!

On Thu, 18 Jan 2007, Rok Ruzic wrote:
> > Non-Networkprovider dominated, user-orientated design:
> > - white/black list for incomming calls/sms
> > - answering machine on your phone
> > - voice menues for anknown or anonymous caller
> Robert, you are mentioning black/white listing. Do you know for fact, 
> that somebody is already working on it?

No, but I'm shure that asterisk will run on the Neo1973 and
this will give all asterisk users the power to play with 
dial plans (extentions.conf and more) on the mobile.

Even when asterisk will not be the smart (embedded) phone solution
for the mass market - it is a great tool to develop stategies
how to answer or non-answer a call.

For everybody who like to create new ways of dail plans
(time/location/mood/... dependent dail plans), black/white listing
will be my advice to play with asterisk before the Neo1973 is out.

Parallel to answer you I'm just started
root at robins:/home/rob# apt-get install upslug2
this NSLU2 box is new - I desided to buy a NSLU2 because it is also ARM 
powered like the Neo1973 :) and it is supported by the Debian installer.
   BTW I found a souce for a Linux compatible  USB2 10/100Mbit/s adapter
   with the Realtek RTL8150L chip for 8,49 Euro plus shipping: tinxi.com
And of course I will run asterisk there as well :)
I'm convinced that the Debian-NSLU2 is a very good partner for the
NEO1973 :)))

So back to your question - I'm sorry that I do not know for fact that
somebody is already working in detail, but I'm shure that people are
starting to think what freedom for handling calls they will get with
an open phone.

Think about the power to hide call back or call through funktions,
maybe GPRS powered, with a good integration on your mobile....
Asterisk is inspiring what all new sloutions will become possible
with OpenMoko/Neo1973 and OpenMoko/Neo1973 together with an asterisk
server - maybe on a NSLU2....

Have you additional ideas about core phone funtions to those we 
posted on this list?

Happy hacking....

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