Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Corey corey at
Thu Jan 18 20:38:18 CET 2007

On Thursday 18 January 2007 12:23, Renaissance Man wrote:
> You still don't get it. The "revolutionary aspect" of such a device  
> would be the ability to talk to anyone mostly for free with one  
> device and phone number, and be mobile. WiFi/VoIP is just a necessary  
> part of the package for achieving that.

What's the "revolutionary aspect" of  flogging a dead-horse?

Fact:  the first version of Fic1973 isn't going to ship with WiFi 

Fact: that's a bummer

Clue: deal with it, wait for the next version, and/or find some other device
on the market that suits your requirements

> Hey, no problem. Sorry for being so inconvenient as to have a  
> different view to start with. I know how awful it can be for people  
> like you if others don't think the same way as you to begin with.

Apparently you've just described an issue you yourself have, seeing
the amount of effort and time you've placed into arguing/debating your
own perspective of the matter. You appear to have a difficult time
accepting that others don't necessarily think the same way as you.

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