Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Andreas Kostyrka andreas at
Thu Jan 18 21:48:24 CET 2007

* Renaissance Man <renaissanceman at> [070118 20:27]:
> On 18 Jan 2007, at 1:30 pm, Sencer wrote:
> You still don't get it. The "revolutionary aspect" of such a device would be the ability to talk to anyone mostly for free with one device and phone number, and be mobile. WiFi/VoIP is
> just a necessary part of the package for achieving that.
It would be even more revolutionary if you could make it work ;)
Please note that VoIP really puts some pressure for upload bandwidth,
which some public hotspots might not be able to fulfill. Plus, VoIP
has a tendency to break badly when the bandwidth gets overextended.
And because of TCP/IPs lack of QoS, you need to budget way more
bandwidth for the call to have reserves. (Even then it can break.)

Basically, you are telling me that one specific way to avoid paying
for phoning is revolutionary. As I've mentioned it already, that might
be so for you, but in many places WiFi coverage is sparse and/or

> >P.S.: Thanks for finally realising that it is better if you drop the debate about including wifi in the first generation device. Be it whether the fundamental point people having been 
> >trying to make to you, got through, or because you decided to move on to cheerleading and trolling for some other revolutionary product.
> Hey, no problem. Sorry for being so inconvenient as to have a different view to start with. I know how awful it can be for people like you if others don't think the same way as you to 
> begin with.

Nope, you are telling us, that the Neo should have an UK/London
edition with WiFi added, and you personally would consider that a
killer app.

Basically there are many potentially useful additions to the Neo
(powered USB, USB2, changeable MicroSD slot, EDGE, UMTS, keyboard,
WiFi, and so on).

Bad as it sounds, FIC had to choose a set of features that they can
and will implement. Bad for you, your pet feature WiFi is not included
in the first revision of the phone.


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