Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Sencer alisencer at
Thu Jan 18 22:42:08 CET 2007

> You still don't get it. The "revolutionary aspect" of such a device
> would be the ability to talk to anyone mostly for free with one
> device and phone number, and be mobile. WiFi/VoIP is just a necessary
> part of the package for achieving that.

Everbody gets what you are saying. It is you who does not understand
that it is largely irrelevant, because everybody already is in favour
of having wifi at some point. The question is not about the "plus"
side of having wifi, but the question is with dealing with the costs
of adding wifi to 1st generation device, which completely flies past

> Hey, no problem. Sorry for being so inconvenient as to have a
> different view to start with.

What different view? As I said everybody is in favour of having wifi,
that's not the debate. The debate should be about weighing the cost
and benefit of having wifi in the 1st gen. device. But all you do is
keep on talking about how great an enabler wifi would be, and then go
off on tangents about "VOIP over WiFI -. great feature or greatest
feature?"... any you never even responded to any of the many points
made that explain why getting wifi later is a better of course of
action for the overall project (the software platform, remember?).

> I know how awful it can be for people
> like you if others don't think the same way as you to begin with.

+1 irony

The only issue I have is with your utterly pointless and unproductive
whining that is clogging the list.


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