Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

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Thu Jan 18 23:57:12 CET 2007

On 18 Jan 2007, at 10:23 pm, Marcel de Jong wrote:

> I ask you, who will pay the bandwidth bills?

The bandwidth bills are largely already paid (home and work are flat  
rate), plus free hotspots, plus there's flat rate hotspot schemes  
like The Cloud in Europe.

> Yes, Wifi on the Neo is cool, though it would slurp battery life.  
> Given the choice, I'd rather have a long battery life (at least 24  
> hours) and no Wifi, then have Wifi and only be able to use my phone  
> for 5 hours (the estimated battery life of the iphone).

No, that's the estimated battery time for continuous talking, video  
or web browsing. They say 16 hours for continuous music playback. But  
no word on standby time. Presumably more than 16 hours.

You might also be interested in reading the Truphone FAQ "How is the  
battery life affected when using Truphone?" from this page (pasted  
below): is the battery life  
affected when using Truphone?
> Truphone uses Wireless LAN (WiFi) radio as well as GSM radio in the  
> handset, so usually you can expect that the battery life when using  
> Truphone in 'Always on' mode is approximately half that of normal  
> cellular (GSM and 3G) operation; for example about 2 days (rather  
> than 4) on an E60. Talk time is usually a bit longer on WiFi than  
> on GSM.
> Standby times are greatly affected by GSM / 2G and 3G signal strength:
> - Good signal 3G connections use slightly more battery than good 2G  
> connections.
> - Poor signal 3G connections use much more battery than good 2G  
> connections (when a handset is in poor coverage areas it increases  
> its transmission power).
> - Very poor 3G connections that switch back and forth to 2G use  
> more battery than a stable connection.
> and so on...
> Standby time using Truphone on Wireless LAN is not generally  
> affected as strongly by the Wireless LAN signal strength.
> You can increase the battery life for Wireless LAN use by setting  
> the phone to 'offline' - press the power button briefly and you  
> will get a menu. Don't forget to set it back to 'General' or  
> another active profile before you wish to make GSM calls!
> We will publish a survey of battery life in various situations  
> shortly.
Renaissance Man

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