Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary

Renaissance Man renaissanceman at
Fri Jan 19 01:13:05 CET 2007

On 18 Jan 2007, at 11:44 pm, Marcel de Jong wrote:

> No, we just think it's improper to demand that the OpenMoko team  
> should go back to the drawing table to add a proprietary wifi chip  
> on the board. Completely destroying months (or perhaps years) work,  
> and demand that they do it in a few months!

That wouldn't be improper, it would just be plain dumb. What would be  
improper, however, would be to suggest that I made such a dumb demand.

> (you give me the impression that you think it's no big deal to just  
> add a little chip in it, and that they absolutely right now have to  
> do it.)

Dunno, maybe you have a reading comprehension disability? Or maybe  
you could explain how you get that impression when my comments  
explicitly state the opposite:

"... my argument isn't that "you must include wifi" in the Neo v1 no  
matter what the cost. My argument is that the GSM+WiFi/VoIP  
combination is a revolution waiting to happen and that OpenMoko  
clearly won't be player in this until it gets WiFi."

Renaissance Man

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