Request [was: Neither iPhone or OpenMoko are revolutionary]

Thomas Seiler thseiler at
Fri Jan 19 01:30:59 CET 2007

Am 18.01.2007 um 20:23 schrieb Renaissance Man:

> Hey, no problem. Sorry for being so inconvenient as to have a  
> different view to start with. I know how awful it can be for people  
> like you if others don't think the same way as you to begin with.

We certainly have no problem with people that think in other ways.  
Thats what the freedom in NEO 1973 is all about !

What I do have a problem with is someone who wants me to think as he  

May I ask the list to start, where appropriate, new threads, with  
more specific subjects? That way it is  easier to follow the  
different discussions that evolved from this thread...

Thanks & Cheers,
Thomas Seiler

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